Austrian State Printing House Has Made a Cryptocurrency Cold Wallet

 Youniqx Identity AG, a subsidiary of the Austrian State Printing House, has developed a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, reveals a press release published on July 29.Per the report, the hardware wallet — named Chainlock —...

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Greek Billionaire Launches Hemp-Backed Token and Dedicated Exchange

Greek billionaire and television director Alki David and his Swiss consortium launched cannabis-backed token SWX Coin, according to a press release published on July 25.A cannabis-backed token on the BTC chainPer the release, the...

‘Chems_USA’ Pleads Guilty to Bitcoin-Enabled Dark Web Opioid Conspiracy

A Florida man has pled guilty to participating in a multi-million dollar Bitcoin-enabled drug dealing conspiracy and money laundering.According to a July 25 press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District...

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